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About Us

Welcome to LetsDesign Studios, a company devoted to architectural visualization services. Our firm specializes in providing innovative architectural visualization services with stunning rendered still images, videos walkthroughs and virtual tours. Our ambitious team of architectural design experts create quality solutions based on the unique perception of each client. With affordable services and a determination for quality work, LetsDesign Studios continue to grow as a trusted firm in 3D visualization development.

Our team share the same passion for your projects. Take advantage of our free custom quote, discuss your concepts with us and transform those ideas to an architectural masterpiece. Contact us now at (email and phone number)

Our Services

Architecture Floor Plan: Utilizing state of the art hardware technology, we transform CAD floor layouts into Immaculate 2D/3D functional floor plans.

Architectural Still Render: Through the team's dynamic artistic creative talent, we add visible features (textures and scene lights), presenting exterior and interior design concepts in high-definition still images.

Architectural Animation: Our Team can only be limited by your imagination. With our proficient digital video editing skills, we eliminate the boredom of still images, replacing those with stunning walk-through videos around highlights of your design project.

Architectural Virtual Tour: With our fully interactive virtual tour environment, take clients on tours around the functions of spaces in your proposed design project, from exterior lawns to interior spaces.

About The Author

Architecture Floor Plan - sam.higs@letsdesignstudios.com

Founder of LetsDesign Studios

Sam is an experienced 3D Artist with strong academic background
in architecture that enable him to participate his clients' design intentions
and execute them accordingly. He has great passion for his work and
ensures that each project exceeds expections

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